Twin Screw Barrel What Are The Common Problems With Air Compressors?

Now with the development of the Times, air compressor industry is also in constant progress, from the beginning of the piston air compressor to the present screw air compressor, twin-screw air compressor, inverter air compressor, permanent magnetic inverter air compressor, two-stage compressed air compressor, Low-voltage permanent magnet inverter air compressor and so on a series of energy-saving products. Energy-saving effect is also more and more good, stability is also more and more high, but in the use of the process there are many needs to pay attention to the place.

Because now commonly used are twin-screw air compressor, small series on the twin-screw air compressor analysis of what are the common problems and solutions:

Air compressor failed to start:

1. Air compressor is in automatic shutdown status (check whether the pressure exceeds the rated pressure);

2. Emergency Stop button failure (check whether the wire is loose);

3. Control Panel can not be opened (check whether the line problem, if the panel failure, please timely replacement);

High oil content of double screw compressor outlet:

1. The oil level is too high (check the oil level exceeds the predetermined oil quantity, the normal oil level should be in the oil standard green or orange area);

2. Back to the tubing plug (check back the tubing, and remove the maintenance);

3. Oil and gas separator damage (replacement of new oil and gas separator);

4. Low exhaust pressure (for the entire oil circuit to troubleshoot, detection problems, timely treatment);

High air pressure of twin-screw compressor

1. Pressure switch failure (measuring the pressure Switch node is normal);

2. Work pressure set too high (adjust air compressor operating pressure);

3. Pressure sensor failure (to the pressure sensor calibration, damage will be replaced in a timely manner)

High exhaust temperature causes the jump machine to stop:

1. The amount of cooling oil oil is insufficient;

2. Temperature sensor failure:

3. Fan thermal system failure;

Twin-screw air compressor common problems there are many places to be noted, but also to be found to tidy up.