What Are The Effects Of The Extruder Screw Barrel?

  What are the effects of the Extruder Screw Barrel?

  Extruder Screw Barrel is the most important parts of the plastic machine equipment, it is directly related to the plastic machine plasticizing effect and yield.

  Extruder Screw Barrel rotation in the barrel is carried out under the high temperature and high pressure twist, because it is in the rotation to promote the material forward, at the same time, it itself also bear a strong friction and plastic decomposition of corrosive gases Erosion, so the Extruder Screw Barrel material must have a high mechanical strength, to withstand the huge torque and high temperature and high pressure conditions without deformation of the performance.

  Extruder Screw Barrel in the rotation process, mainly by the edge of the plastic shear shear plastic, and to promote the plastic forward, so the ribs bear a huge shear stress and friction, due to long-term work in harsh conditions, Wear, screw edge becomes smaller, with the cylinder gap increases, resulting in reduced plastic extrusion, serious plastic will produce a return, and the plastic effect is reduced, there is a serious decline in grain and production capacity of the phenomenon.

  Melt extrusion process is the pre-mixed material from the feed port into the extruder barrel, the first section of the barrel for the feeding section, the material at this stage will not melt, with the Extruder Screw Barrel drive, the material was band Into the second paragraph for the compression section, the section for the heating phase, the material began to melt, the friction between the material increased to form a high viscosity, continue with the Extruder Screw Barrel drive into the high shear of the third paragraph for the homogenization section, so It is very effective separation of pigment aggregates, to achieve the purpose of full dispersion.

  At present, the extruder used in powder coatings is equipped with a twin Extruder Screw Barrel extruder, a single Extruder Screw Barrel extruder and a star Extruder Screw Barrel extruder, etc. Although the type of extruder, Internal structure is different, but the design is the same purpose, that is, to maximize the material evenly dispersed, so that the extruder directly determines the degree of dispersion of the material.