What Is The Difference Between A Twin Alloy Screw And A Nitriding Screw Barrel?

  What is the difference between a twin alloy screw and a Nitriding Screw Barrel?

  Double alloy screw is used 88wc / 12c0.Crc / 25Nicr. XALOY108 material, through the whole quenching treatment, apply to all kinds of glass fiber, plastic and PPA, PO, PPS, LCP, ABS, fire, bakelite powder, magnetic powder, PC and other special engineering plastics. Completely for the end-users to solve the chrome-plated screw off the chrome layer of the trouble, but also to ensure that environmental protection products, is your ideal good helper.

  Production purposes: injection molding machinery / extrusion machinery / bakelite machinery

  Processing range: diameter ф20mm-ф250mm

  Effective length: 8000mm

  Alloy composition: 88wc / 12c0.Crc / 25Nicr. XaloY108

  Nitriding hardness: HRC59 ° -65 °

  The role of Nitriding Screw Barrel barrel is:

  1, nitriding can make the screw barrel surface has a higher hardness and wear resistance. Nitriding Screw Barrel For example, 38CrMoAlA made of high quality alloy steel barrel after the nitriding surface hardness of up to HV950 or more, equivalent to HRC = 55 ° -58 °, and the high strength and high wear resistance after nitriding to 500 - 600 ℃, no significant change will occur.

  2, can improve the anti-fatigue ability. Due to the greater compressive stress in the nitride layer, the screw barrel exhibits a higher fatigue limit and a lower notch sensitivity under the alternating load, and the fatigue limit of the screw barrel after nitriding Increased by 15-35%.

  3, to improve the corrosion resistance of the workpiece, Nitriding Screw Barrel due to nitriding the screw surface to form a layer of dense, high chemical stability of the ε phase layer, in water vapor and alkaline solution with high corrosion resistance, this nitriding Method is simple and economical, can replace galvanized, blue, and other chemical coating treatment. In addition, some screw barrel through nitriding, not only can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but also reduce the mechanical and screw barrel adhesion phenomenon, Nitriding Screw Barrel to extend the working life of the machine.